Rambla Rider

In 'El Condor' there are some very beautiful shots of the barren landscape around Tabernas.
Here we see Jaroo (Lee Van Cleef), Luke (Jim Brown) and the Apaches on the way to the 
Fortress 'El Condor'. 
Filming in the Rambla Alfaro near Tabernas (Almeria), 1969.
One of those typical movie Ramblas in the desert of Tabernas.
The Rambla is used in many films as a backdrop (Mexico, Africa,...), as it is very 
comfortable to reach for any film crew.
On the left in the photo you can see the lighting crew 'fighting' with the cable to the generator.

Rambla Alfaro - Comparison photo 2009.
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One of the few scenes in which Lee actually sitting on the horse.
For faster movements on the horse Romano Puppo (Lee's double) jumped into the saddle.
Jim Brown 
What was that again? This way?
The making of 'El Condor' on www.kit-west-spfx.com
Aaah, my friend is back ... the Citroen 2CV for all cases!
In the trunk the heavy film camera, the lighting equipment and different guys of the crew.
It only lacks the generator on the hood ... howsoever, the Citroen is one of those 
unknown heroes of Almeria. A friend in need ... and unusual fit for the desert!
Shooting in the desert of Tabernas, 1969.
What you see here is the filming of the 'Wagon Crash' Scene near the 'Valle del Buho' 
(Tabernas). Right in the middle, Romano Puppo, in a wild gallop ... for Lee van Cleef.
Stunt Coordinator Tap Canutt (white shirt, right side) has his stuntman firmly in sight.
You will find the 'Wagon Crash' story and other 'Rambla Rider' stories 
via the menu on the main page.

'El Condor' pre-production - 1969.
Director John Guillermin, Art Director Julio Molina, Production Manager Bob Watts risked a ride 
in the Land Rover of Kit West (Special Effects Supervisor) through the whole desert to find 
suitable locations. 
Here they stopped at a famous Sergio Leone location.
The 'Rancho Leone' from the cult Western 'Once Upon a Time in the West' built about a year ago.
The Crew visited the Western Town Set of 'Las Salinillas', built for 'A man called Sledge'.
Art Director Julio Molina (white hat) just comes out of the Saloon.
To his right is Robert 'Bob' Watts (Production Manager).
He was the one who offered 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' to Kit West ... and Kit won an
Oscar for it! 
And next we see Antonio 'Tony' Tarruella (Assistant Director) and Director John Guillermin with 
a local assistant (checkered shirt). 
The photo was taken by guide and hell driver Kit West!
Learn more about this location here: 'Las Salinillas'.
Great shot! Special Effects Supervisor Kit West in the Desert of Tabernas, 1969.
Another famous movie Rambla, the Rambla Lanujar.
What you see in the circle looks like a Cowboy with a Poncho on a horse.
This 'creature' of clay, plaster and straw was built for a dirty and atmospheric 
'Spaghetti Western', 'Duel in the Eclipse'. 
Atmospheric shot ... just like in the movie 'Duel in the Eclipse' by Diana West, 1969.
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A british Land Rover in the desert - Rambla Lanujar, 1969. 
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